Picture of Jamie sitting on a couch in her Studio.

I started this work as a crafter and home interiors enthusiast, wanting to see what kind of large scale art I could make with fabric. I've always been drawn to making things and texture, but when I started manipulating fabric to create wall art, I found something I knew I had to keep exploring. At the time, I was just playing around with my own ideas and had no exposure to the fact that other people do things similar to this, using fabrics in unconventional ways. I've been so excited to learn about the amazing variety of textile and fiber art as I grow my own practice. 

I'm starting to use my work to talk about ideas that are important to me. After 16 years dedicated to a spiritual career path, I found myself frustrated by an environment that held no space for critique, rest, play, and honest reciprocal relationships with people who think differently, as well as a lack of opportunity for me as a woman. In this exploration of art through textiles I have found the platform that makes the most sense for me, where I can show up with my whole self. I feel like I'm just getting started.