Picture of Jamie sitting on a couch in her Studio.


I started weaving because I wanted to play with fabrics to make huge, textural art for the sake of the affect it has on the environment of a room. I've always been drawn to making things and texture, but when I started manipulating fabric to create wall art it really clicked. I had no idea other people do things similar to this, using fabrics in unconventional ways, and I've been so excited to learn about the amazing variety textile and fiber arts as I grow my own practice. 

I've recently started using my work as a communication tool more intentionally. For a long time, I only knew of one way to engage others with the spiritual and social ideas I was sorting through in my life, and that was a career in ministry. While pursuing that for 16 years, I found myself consistently frustrated by an environment that held no space for critique, rest, play, and honest reciprocal relationships with people who think differently. Only since starting this work with art in the mediums of textiles, fiber and wood have I found the platform that makes the most sense for me, where I can show up with my whole self. I feel like I'm just getting started.