My 2018 Manifesto

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I wrote this a while ago and wanted to share it with you (if anyone's there even though I post so rarely) in case it resonates with you and lifts you up. 

I got the prompt for this from the book You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero, recommended by Nikki at Feminest (link is to her 2017 book list and it's worth checking out). I know, it sounds like a woo-woo cheese sandwich to write yourself a manifesto, but I have to say- every time I read it my mindset, mood and activities change. I become 95% more effective at having the kind of day that makes up the kind of life that I want to live. 

I use the words, "fully drop into the moment" in one part of my manifesto. I don't remember who I got that language from, but they should probably have whatever I otherwise might have spent in therapy and Zoloft this year so far. In my battle with anxiety, the idea of dropping in to the present moment- like I teleported from somewhere else and just got here to reality- is my most effective and easy access to relief. I think a lot of my anxiety comes from a swirling, hyperactive mind. When I notice it- my jaw clenching, tightness in my chest, not breathing well, feeling like I could lay down and cry- and then picture that concept of dropping into the present moment, it's the fastest way I've experienced my anxiety dissipating. 

Anyway, here's what I'm focusing on manifesting in my life this year. I did not write this for the internet. It's super personal and real. But I want to share it with anyone who might want the same things or feel the same obstacles so we can cheer for each other. If that's not you, no problem. If you've done something like this, please (please, please!) send me a link or an email about it-- I haven't read others' and would love to be inspired by you, or resonate with you. 

Jamie's 2018 Manifesto

I see myself selling $*** in artwork this year (amount censored so you don't have to think about it). I’m so grateful for every person who buys my work. I’m grateful for the time spent making and connecting with others, and selling it. I see myself creating 4 series of work this year. I see the development of the work and finding a gallery to show it in. I see myself having my first solo show next year. I see myself getting in a rhythm of making work. I see our studio clean, organized, finished. I’m so grateful for a space that feels functional, beautiful and warm. I see our bedroom and the kids rooms coming together. I see us saving enough to start putting money in retirement again, to work on our house, to vacation, to pay for the kids to be in sports and go to a summer camp. To budget for clothes from ethical makers.

I work hard but don’t wallow in fear and stress. I build great connections that are meaningful and powerful. I serve my community, my family, my husband and myself. I serve God, the source of love and the force that brings life and unity without exclusion or fear. I have friends that enjoy me, are refreshed by me, and are refreshing to me. I spend time with people I admire and want to be like.

I take care of my body with regular exercise, good food, sleep and meditation. I spend time outside. I am fit and dress nicely, in a style I like. My closet is not overly full of clothes I don’t like or fit in, but clothes I love to wear and feel great in. The materials are nice, they are stylish and well crafted, the colors make sense and look good on me. My shoes fit and are not worn out.

I express myself through writing. I write blog posts and make small zines to go with my work.

My marriage is deeply loving, full of care, enriching, sensual and connected.

I enjoy my 3 kids every day. I tell them so. I listen to them and am patient when their behavior needs improvement. I’m considerate. I enjoy our time spent together and am able to fully drop into the moment and be present with them, leaving other thoughts and things that get my attention to the side. I read to my kids. I play. I’m intentional about building a relationship with each of them.

I practice Sabbath well. My weekends feel like rest.

I speak well of others. I forgive and move on quickly. I don’t ruminate on things gone wrong or conflict.   

I take joy in the day to day: the tasks and maintenance as well as the creation and pushing toward new.

I go to the dentist. I pay my taxes like a boss. I keep track of all my accounts and am familiar with my income, expenses and profits, both as a business and personally. I make excellent business plans and follow through to great success. I have great health insurance.

I keep in touch with my family. We enjoy hanging out and knowing each other well. We build trust and are present for one another’s wins and losses. We think and speak well of each other.

I hope that was inspiring to you and that the part about the dentist made you laugh. I'll leave you with this quote from "You Are a Badass". 

"Write (a manifesto) that makes you feel invincible, read it over and over every day, see it and feel it and become a crazy person about it. I know, this sounds like a pain in the ass, but do it anyway because trust me, it works. Lame, vague goals are the best way to live a lame, vague life. If you want to knock it out of the park, you need to know exactly what you're shooting for. And be so excited about it that you're almost annoying to yourself." 


With love,