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Selvedge is a small, monthly collection of weavings made from hand-dyed utilitarian fabrics, leather scraps and rescued remnants. The word "selvedge" refers to the finished edges of fabric that prevent unraveling. It's synonymous with margin and comes from the words self+edge. These words all mean a lot to me as I attempt to practice having margins in my life, to give myself edges or boundaries, in order to keep from unraveling. Many of the names of the pieces reflect ideas or practices that keep us held together.

The regularity and simplicity of these works allow me to offer them at a more accessible price to people who want a small textural addition to a gallery wall without needing to commission a piece, are not local to Chicago, or are first time art buyers nervous about the investment. 


All prices already include shipping.



This is a year long collection of 42" circles.

Each month, I'll make 1 circle named for that month
and make it available for purchase here.