The Beginning

"It’s okay to not be perfect. Early adopters like rooting for a rough-around-the-edges brand and seeing it blossom. If a brand launches totally sleek and perfect, it comes across more as a Goliath than a David. People want to see you grow. Don’t sit on things. Deploy, deploy, deploy."

I read the above quote in an interview with Pamela Liou (follow link to see her sweet, trippy website and amazing work) on Design Sponge and it shifted something in me. I had only recently started shoehorning some time into my week to create and felt the good kind of scared that you feel when you are doing something you are meant to do. I had also been blowing air on a passion to start my own business for some time. I had no product, and no concept for a brand, but a confidence that it was going to come about, that the seed was in me and if I fed and watered, it would bear the fruit of a creative business eventually. When I read this interview, I felt resolute. I knew I could do that. I could deploy. I could grow and develop in front of people. I could blossom a brand over time. 

So, here we are. 

The idea for the looms was born while problem solving two issues. I wanted a rug for my house, but couldn't afford my own taste. Dreaming of ways to make a rug I would like, I pictured giant wooden looms I could make out of scrap wood and sew multiple big woven pieces together into a rug. The other issue was that I wanted an affordable large-scale art piece with texture and color for an empty wall in a space I was helping design. While dreaming of rug designs and large-scale art I realized the loom could be the art. The concept fit so well with the specifics of the space, we made our first loom with hand-tooled joints and hand-dyed fabrics, and loved the whole process. We had a product. 

Each step since then has unfolded with the holy energy that comes when work and play and rest are the same thing. We hope our brand inspires you as you watch us deploy and grow. Thanks for all your support as we do.