Conversation With My Body

Rachel Loewen Photography

Rachel Loewen Photography


Hello body.

I love you. I love your arms, chest, tummy, butt, thighs. I love your hands, face, hair, legs, feet. I love the way you work. All the ways you’ve helped me and carried me through this life. Thank you for the 3 people you made; for how you created and fed them. I’m eternally grateful and can’t express how amazed I am and always will be with this phenomenon. Thank you for protecting and healing, for all the hard work.

You’ve done a great job. You’ve even saved the extra calories I gave you, in case of emergency. In case we ever had a lack. Thank you.

I’m going to take good care of you. I won’t abuse you, with food or lack of it, with alcohol to deal with my emotions, with unchecked anxiety, with too much or too little exercise, with my words and my thoughts.

We are safe now. We have enough. The babies are happy and independent of our calories. We have no lack. I’m going to give you good fuel, and I want you to use up the extra you’ve been saving.

I know! We don’t want to have a lack. We don’t want to abuse in order to achieve cultural status. We’ll never be perfect in their eyes. I want you to know that I accept you, fully. Even the hair you grow that I constantly remove because my culture believes women should appear prepubescent. I want us to be strong and healthy for the long haul. I want to use those extra calories with love. We will always have ways to get more if we need them. But even if you want to hang on to them tightly (and it seems you do), I love you just the way you are. I’m so, eternally grateful to you, body.


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