Cloud Mural


I'm back with another edition about our Chicago Bungalow! This time, baby girl's nursery. 

For both of the kids rooms, I wanted to give them a minimalistic mural that would transition easily to a big kid room. For my baby girl, I also wanted something that could read feminine but didn't scream "GIRL!" at her.  I saw this wallpaper and wanted those colors and the ethereal feeling of the clouds. All the angles and short walls of the room needed a customized mural rather than a wallpaper one, so I referenced the color palette and created my own version. 



The room's previous owner was a huge Blackhawks fan, hence the red. 

Fresh base paint, taped off and ready to jump in!

For the first step was creating a bit of a marbled effect on the base layer of the mural walls with a shade darker than the rest of the room and some whites wisped in and blended a bit here and there. 

From there, I did the lavender gray and while it was still wet, started blending in the white from the top. I had a super pale yellow I also added to the tops of some of the clouds. It was a lot of blending! Here's the results!


2017-09-07 12.41.4340.jpg
2017-09-07 12.48.0863.JPG

Reading and unstyling her toys. 

2017-09-07 12.58.0478.JPG

The room is still developing (as are my photography skills!) but for now, it's bright and lovely, and super functional for a baby girl. I hope this inspires you to take a leap and try a simple mural in your home! If you have any questions, I'd be glad to share ideas and advice! 

Love, Jamie