Want to commission a textile art piece?

Here's what the process is like: 

  1. Start by perusing my website portfolio and Instagram. Screen shot a few pieces that capture elements you'd like in your piece.

  2. Email me these screenshots and a brief description of what you like about them.

  3. If you know where you'd like to put a piece, measure the spot and maybe use painters tape to create a visual of the size you'd like. If you're local to Chicago, I can come to your space and do this with you.

  4. Tell me a story if you like. What would you like the piece to represent, remind you of, make you feel?

  5. I'll create a quote based on your descriptions of size, color, and style. My commissions are $1 per square inch and a minimum of $1000.

  6. I ask for a 50% deposit to place the order. I schedule your piece for about 4 weeks from the date of deposit and ask for 6-8 weeks to the date of delivery. Local orders can pick up for free from my west side studio or have the option of delivery and install for a reasonable fee.

Start by viewing my portfolio, or Instagram.