Concept: Referencing frame loom weaving allowed me to evoke the spirit of craft in my work, while also positioning textile as "art" by attaching it to the worshipped "frame" that is often required in cultural concept of what makes something art. From this first series, my work has sought to elevate reuse and position textile and fiber crafts as art, coming from my own love and passion for textiles and resourcefulness. 

Techniques: It was in this series that I discovered my way of attaching fabric to a frame to keep the tension of the warp and weft. I also found that I could accentuate the fabric and its textures and colors, as well as create geometric shapes, by "wefting over". My husband actually did the first weft over angle on a 2x2 frame while we were playing withe the frames and fabric one night and I was hooked on the appearance and ran with it. You can also see my struggle with incorporating highly saturated colors vs. exclusively neutrals, and the difficulty in my first approach in getting color combinations I wanted with exclusively repurposed materials. The bottom right was an experiment with twisting fabric and using a barrel knot. 

sustainably sourced textiles woven on a frame. Wall art by Jamie Tubbs
Black and white graphic woven recycled textile art.
Layered Wall of woven textile art displayed on frame looms. Art by Jamie Tubbs, 2015.
varied grays and white arrows woven on a frame by Jamie Tubbs.
Bright blue, green and white graphic woven textile art.
TExtile Art
Vintage fabrics woven on frame loom