Concept: This series documents my continued learning in traditional weaving and fiber craft methods. Each piece includes methods learned through online research, library books, tutorials, and other local artists while still experimenting with applying those methods in new, untraditional ways. The result is work that feels a little more related to modern weaving, with some abstractions. 

Techniques: The materials used are still almost exclusively repurposed. I began experimenting with large macrame rings during this series. I also started using the frame for warp tension while leaving the weft off the frame. Previously I had either used the frame for both warp and weft, or neither, attaching the warp to dowels that were inside a frame. I use soumak, tabby, twining and rya weaving. Rope sometimes appears in the work itself as opposed to just a support, adding texture. The center image was a primary piece in this collection. I approached it completely free-style and used the weaving to express a story about healing. This spiritual/emotional expression through my work, as opposed to my usual fascination with the physical aspects of craftsmanship and aesthetic, was a major shift in my work.