Concept: For 2016, a year in which I was focused on the meaning of the word "play", I wanted to see what I would discover if I restricted my work (other than commissioned pieces) to neutrals. This forced me to play with new shapes, dive deep in low contrast and tone-on-tone, and gave me a chance to return to my original concept of what I call a dowel loom, based off some online images of very primitive frame loom weaving.  

Techniques: I returned to some tabby stitch and using dowels and rope to create an inset area for holding the warp tension. This series still uses primarily repurposed materials from thrift stores and estate sales. Estate sales at homes where a seamstress lived often have muslin, a utility fabric which is used for creating a test version of a garment. Thrift stores have scores upon scores of white sheets that can be endlessly repurposed once properly cleaned. I explored tone on tone and low contrast warp/weft relationships with both light and dark materials.