Concept: Seeking to elevate reuse and position cast-off textiles as art, I created various sized colorful pieces from primarily vintage floral fabrics. I played with different groupings of these materials based on their patterns, colors, and backgrounds. I shot them in mock up interior spaces such as a small gallery wall and above beds to display their value as wall art in interior spaces. The most stunning visual is the layered hanging of multiple pieces, creating one larger colorful, elevation of repurposed materials. The mix of prints are reminiscent of textile and fiber folk arts like quilting and rug making. 

Techniques: Using the knots and weft-over angled weave I had discovered in the process of my previous series, this series plays with the idea that when using lots of colors and patterns at once, they balance each other. This was also my first using low contrast between the warp and weft and relying on the weave to show its angle alone. All materials were repurposed from thrift stores, estate sales and my mother and grandmothers fabric stash. I experimented with using a 24"x24" square in a lot of the pieces, and played with different finishes on the frames to see what affect they had on the feel of the piece and the appearance of the colors.